Based in Gilbert, AZ, Opulent Vision Management is honored in being the Premiere Indie Artist Management Company that manage new Indie Artist and provides the supporting tools to have a successful career across the Music Industry.  

Founder and CEO Lisa Tye has over 12 years of experience behind her in the industry, ranging from being the Executive Producer of a Christian Radio Show, Radio Sales Network Analyst to an Associate Producer of an Ohio Film Company and Executive Producer of WAMT Film in Tempe Arizona.

As a member of the Grammy Recording Academy Committee, and the LA Recording Academy Chapter, Lisa is actively involved in monthly activities with her peers in the Entertainment Industry, advocating for Indie Artist to have a voice, while embracing their right to stay independent.

Lisa has been featured in the world known publication, Who’s Who of Columbus three years in a row, served on several Columbus Ohio boards, obtained Community Awards and recognition. Currently Lisa is on the Scottsdale Creative Arts AG2 Leadership Board and the Scottsdale Performing Arts Advisory Committee.

Lisa has cultivated a notable name for herself in this business as OVM continues to evolve, create, and push the boundaries of industry norms. OVM currently manages various artists that are unique and amazingly creative. Lisa takes time to work with each of her artist, supporting each artist in their creative space, encouraging them to pursue all that they dream beyond their own limits.



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